About us

Why we are doing this

Here at JUST BAKE, we know that baking is no easy task - having to find a recipe, not knowing if it will work, and looking for all the listed ingredients is no fun at all.

We’ve solved all of these problems by creating tried and tested patisserie quality dessert recipes that anyone can make in 6 easy steps. All the ingredients and tools you need delivered straight to your door!

We do all of our recipe experimentation and curation from our kitchen based in Sydney, Australia. We source the finest local ingredients to ensure that you bake the best dessert ever.

Why get our kits

Equal opportunity – we make patisserie quality desserts accessible to everyone without the big price tag;

Know what goes into your desserts - we label everything that goes into our kits and ensure that there are no questionable ingredients. Bake with the comfort of knowing exactly what you are serving;

Save time – you don't have to spend time finding a recipe and making trips to multiple stores when we can deliver the recipe, tools and ingredients straight to your kitchen; and

Focus on the fun – the challenge of baking comes from the precision of measurement and timing. Our pre-measured kits take out half the complexity so you can focus on what makes baking fun.

Our values


Less ingredients wastage, getting exactly what you need


Making patisserie-quality desserts at home the new norm


Experimenting in our kitchen to introduce your taste buds to new desserts


Empowering customers to bake high-calibre desserts for loved ones


Get all the finest ingredients and boutique tools in one box

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